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Questions To Ask When Buying A Multifunction Printer


A printer which consolidates the functionality of a printer, scanner and copier and sometimes fax all in one unit is referred to as a multifunction printer. It is a very convenient unit as it solves all your office demands without occupying too much space the single units would have occupied. This kind of a copier improves workflow and reduces costs which are all good for any business. There are however important considerations to make when buying your copier. Asking yourself a few questions before the purchase will help you make the right choice considering there are many options in the market today.

1. What are your requirements?

The duties around your office will help you evaluate how relevant the multifunctional unit will be for your needs. For instance, how many scans, faxes and prints or copies do you need to make in a day around the office? How many people will have to use the device and do you need any color capabilities? When you know what is best for your needs, you definitely will have an easy time when making comparisons.

2. What is the total ownership cost?

It is not only important to choose a printer you can afford in terms of hardware, but a copier whose demands you can keep up with. They include things such as the cost of all supplies needed to have it running effectively such as ink costs. The maintenance costs should also not be overlooked when looking at the cost of ownership. You are better placed with a printer you can enjoy and accommodate for improved functionality.

3. Does it have good reviews?

The product reviews and user feedback are some of the most reliable when making a choice between many printers. They will tell you about the actual performance of the machine away from the specifications that make it look good. The experience of others can lead you to great brands and models and at the same time can warn you about the machines to keep away as a result of different issues.

4. Is it easy to use?

An easy to operate printer is the way to go for any business. It can be quite costly when it takes your employees ages to get it right with a single printer function. You also don’t want to spend unnecessary time trying to train them on how to use the printer. A good printer should have an intuitive user interface, accessible help or manual and minimal training requirements for that matter.

5. Can the printer multitask?

When you have everything in one unit, it is given that employees will need to use the unit at the same time for different functions. The question should be how possible it is for the machine to run two commands at the same time without delays or handing issues. Some units can handle a function at a time while others can handle a couple of functions at a time without risking downtime. It is among the most important questions to ask.

When faced with a need to buy a printer Singapore, you have to get your factors right to enjoy improvements and better working experiences around your place of work. There are so many printers to choose from.

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