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What to Look for in Refurbished Networking Equipment


If you are looking for a way to cut the cost for your company there are many approaches you might take. You may reduce overtime hours, opt for a lower priced cleaning service or swap to more energy efficient lights. However, is another option that you might overlook, that can actually save a significant amount of money. This budget saving option is to choose refurbished networking equipment rather than buying new.

Today, there are many companies out there who are taking used networking equipment and refurbishing it so that it can be used for many more years. No longer must you always buy brand new equipment for your computer network. Now, you can spend less and still do more. Whether you are looking for switches, routers, gateways or servers there are many companies who have learned how to take these elements of networking equipment, give them an update and repair (if needed) and then make them available to consumers at a reduced cost. “But,” you may ask, “How does one ensure that refurbished networking equipment is the answer?” No worries. Here are some consideration to keep in mind if you are trying to determine if refurbished networking equipment is the answer for your business.

· What type of warranty does the refurbished networking equipment come with? If the company is not willing to provide you with a warranty then it means they are not very convinced of the parts performance/capabilities. Choose a refurbishing company that is will to provide an extended warranty.

· Does their network hardware have a reliability rating that they stand behind? If the vendor refuses to take a stand and tell you how often their equipment works correctly versus incorrectly, then either they are poor record keepers or they know the numbers but don’t want to share the information.

· What type of network hardware replacement program do they offer to their customers? If they refurbished networking equipment provider is not willing to offer replacements for any parts that may not work, then find another provider. As the buyer, you need to know that the part is going to work and that if it doesn’t they are going to back it and replace it. Again, failure to do this is an indication that the company does not believe in the quality of their work.

· Is their cost comparable to other companies you have considered working with? Be wary of any company that is significantly below the market. Lowest price is not necessarily the best decision.

· Are their parts checked out by a third party source? This shows that the company is willing to have someone else check their work and is willing to share that review. This indicates a desire to meet high quality standards, which means you come out ahead.

Buying refurbished networking equipment is a great way to save money and still advance your company’s business. Should you be looking for a vendor for refurbished equipment, you might wish to consider Source One Computers in Twin Cities, MN. With a little bit of patience and due diligence, you can soon save your company money and still get the parts and pieces you need.

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