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How to Rescue Your Mobile Phone from a Swim

by Gadget Grave
Water damage in cell phones is a very common issue. Often people drop their phone in the sink, leave it in the pocket while washing the clothes or drop it into their pet’s water bowl. It is a surprising fact that it is not the water damage but the actions the user takes after taking the device out of water that makes the phone irreparable. If you take the right steps at this time, you can save your phone from the damage. Here is how to handle your device before you visit a cell phone repair specialist:Take your device out of water as soon as possible – The layout of mobile phones always has certain tiny holes in it like the charging port, microphone port, speaker aperture and other ports. These holes allow water seepage into the device. So it is advised to remove the device from the fluid as soon as possible. If your device is connected to the wall charger and submerged in water at the same time, never try to grab it before you turn off the charger as it can result into an electric shock.

Dismantle the device – If the phone is still powered on, turn it off immediately. Remove the back cover, battery, SIM card, memory card and other cell phone accessories from the device. Get some towels and blotting paper to dry the water droplets that are still there inside the device. Certain devices have indicators on them to help the user determine if any kind of damage has occurred. To determine the damage sign for your device, read its manual and find out if the water damage has occurred or your device has somehow survived.

Dry out every drop of water from the device – If possible, you can try placing the device under the sun or in open air to dry. Make sure the phone screen is not facing the sunlight. Try cleaning your phone with cotton soaked in alcohol to displace the remaining water droplets. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to suck out the liquid. Hold the vacuum cleaner at a safe distance from the device as vacuum can create static electricity spoiling the phone further. Silica gel, salt or rice are excellent water absorbents that can also be used to draw out the remaining moisture.

Never use a hair dryer – Instead of drying the device out, a hair dryer can push the droplets in further. The impurities in water can cause the device to corrode and result into permanent damage. Also, very hot air can melt some of the components or connections inside the device.

Wait before you turn on the device – You may be sure of your device being completely dry but it is highly recommended to wait for at least 24 hours before you turn on your device after drying it completely. If the device is not working or malfunctioning, you must visit a cell phone repair specialist to get it fixed. If your device is completely dry, it will be of great helpyou’re your cell phone repair specialist. There are certain cell phone accessories available in the market that can save your device from such damage.

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