Hardware Upgrade Strategy: Simple Tips to Help You Pick a Right Monitor


Some users might think that their current system screen isn’t perfect to meet their desired computing requirements and preferences. It takes a little experience and knowledge to decide an ideal monitor for your productivity companion. Here are some of the general tips that will help you in selecting the right monitor.

No matter whether you’re a homemaker, college student, working professional or a developer, you might be spending endless hours staring your PC screens. Don’t you want your computer components to be stylish enough to catch your friends or colleagues attention? Don’t you think that an appropriate computer screen and optimal PC parts can help you avoid various health issues? If yes, then why can’t you replace your boring box placed right on your workstation? It is true that selecting an ideal monitor might improve your computer viewing experience and also put less strain on your eyes, resulting in optimal productivity without hampering your health. Don’t just get impressed by the specs and monitor jargon that most of the IT manufacturers use in their advertisements instead, you should do the proper research on their features. Simply compare their properties with the below-mentioned details while going for a monitor or computer upgrade.

1. Types of Connections

The first question that you’ll need to focus on is the type of connection your system supports, including the monitor and video output. Sometimes, a video card or motherboard specifications might deny your monitor selection, simply by stating or showing an error related to unsupported computer parts. The two most common connection types for monitors are:

• DVI connectors: These are used as a digital output for PC monitors, and it supports all the modern video cards including DVI video cards and HDMI cards.

• VGA connectors: VGA connectors are generally paired up with an older PC that might not even install a video card or support DVI standards.

2. Screen Size

There is no standard phenomenon behind selecting an ideal screen size as it entirely depends on the user’s preference and personal choice. Cost of the PC monitor also plays a vital role in deciding the screen size.

Following are some of the guidelines you should check before buying a monitor:

• Larger monitors are better for graphics related purposes like watching or editing video, playing graphics intensive video games or giving final touch to your digital photographs

• If you’re looking for a completely productive setup, then use normal-sized multiple displays to finish up numerous tasks within stipulated time-period

• If you don’t use the PC regularly, then you may not need a large display

3. Native Resolution

Modern LCD monitors support pixels technology to provide amazing video and picture quality to its users. Analog CRT monitors can easily use lots of different resolutions without losing the exact quality of an image or video. LCDs employ pixels at fixed points, and this arrangement of pixels combines to make the native resolution of the display.

Consider the following factors to select an ideal computer upgrade:

• Always select a monitor with a high native or recommended resolution

• Ensure that your selected computer components deliver the best possible video quality

• Farsighted users may prefer PC monitors with smaller native resolutions to read small text easily.

4. Brightness and Contrast Ratio

Monitor brightness and contrast ratio can impact the actual functioning of major PC parts and is usually not something that interests a user. Computer screens offering a vast difference between brightest white and the darkest dark settings can be highly dangerous for naked eyes. So keep the following parameters in mind while selecting optimal brightness and contrast ratio of your hardware upgrade for PC monitors:

• Grab a monitor that rates greater than 200 cd/m2 on brightness

• Brighter monitors allow better display of color and better contrast ratios that are ideal for graphics professionals, video editors, and other professionals

• Always avail a device having contrast ratios higher than 350:1 and you can easily find PC monitors at reasonable prices with 1000:1 contrast ratio

• Try to search for monitors supporting Dynamic Contrast Ratios or Advanced Contrast Ratios to enjoy optimal video experience

5. Colors Display

Usually, all computer monitors and displays are capable of producing a full array of 16.7 million colors (24 bit), which is possible by using the entire shades of an RGB colorspace. Some older VGA monitors may not display all of them and only work in color modes having density lower than 24 bit. Old VGA monitors aren’t in style now so replace them with the new DVI monitors that possess all the capabilities to support 24 bit color schemes.


Apart from focusing on all the parameters mentioned above, you can also emphasize on knowing the viewing angles that your monitor supports. Tech geeks claim that enquiring about various computer hardware and PC parts can help you choose the best available option at reasonable prices. An ideal LCD viewing angle falls somewhere close to 180 degrees and can go as high as 170 degrees. Additionally, you should also look for PC response time, and it should have 8ms or faster response time to become a part of the gaming computer components. Practicing these tips while selecting an ideal PC monitor for your system can help you avoid those nasty issues that arise while making hardware upgrade!

Russell Winters is an ardent technician associated with Qresolve online computer support with wide experience of fixing issues with PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphone. With a strong track record of devising effective ways of online tech support and system security, she has so far helped thousands of users across the globe. Her writings on tech issues are the reflection of her in-depth interest and command she carries as a tech support technician. Her blogs and articles have been rated high for their lucid style and easy to understand language.

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Planning to Download Free Software? First Learn How to Avoid Junk Program Installation?


The web is full of traps for beginners. While they try to download free software, by clicking on “Download” buttons, in reality they click on fake links that download bundle of toolbars and other junk software. This article will help you in learning how you can avoid downloading of junks into your system.

Usually, geeks know how to dodge the junk files while executing free software download. But novice users mostly don’t know this. In fact, many even don’t know that when they download free game or any other free software, they are also downloading many other junks, which can also be malicious. In the temptation of free games and software, people fall for these tricks.

Read below to enhance your knowledge in this regard so that you can avoid the installation of unwanted files in your system:

Fake Download Links

When you download free software, the first trap that you encounter is the fake download link. You must have seen brightly colored, large buttons flashing the words “Free Download” or “Download Now.”

These buttons are just advertisement banners and are mimicking of real download links. It is created intentionally to trick you into clicking those links and installing different unwanted software.

Next time, when you go for free software download beware of such fake download links. Now the question is how to identify fake links? Just hover the mouse cursor over the link and check where it leads.

For instance, you want to download Adobe Photoshop. You get to a page that gives you a Download button. Now, bring your mouse cursor over that button and check where it leads. If it is a fake link, then it will not take you to the Photoshop page rather it will lead you to a page like “googleadservices.com” that is clearly an advertising link.

Junk Selected By Default Installers

Free software comes with software installers. Even the legitimate installers carry numerous junk software and browser toolbars. The catch is that the developer distributes the software for free and he is making money by including this junk. If you download installers bundled with junks, then it might change your browser’s homepage or default search. Of course, you never want that to happen.

You can easily avoid the downloading of these browsers toolbars and junk. While you download the installer, you go through an agreement process, where you tick the checkboxes and accept the Terms and Conditions integrated with the software. In this page, by default, the check box admitting the downloading of these junk files remains checked. Invoice users just neglect that unknowingly and accept the condition that along with the primary software even the additional junk software will get downloaded. So, you must uncheck the checkbox that permits the downloading of additional software.

Uninstalling the Junk software

However, if you have forgotten to keep that box unchecked and as a result of that junk software got installed in your system, then you must uninstall them.

To delete the bad software, you need to hunt it down. For that head to the Control Panel and here check the list of installed programs. You will find many toolbars or programs that you never downloaded intentionally. These are all junk downloads. You need to install a junk removal tool and run that on those extra and unwanted free software.

You should also run an antivirus program installed on your PC. As many of these junks that came along during free software download are removable even by your antivirus program.


It is unfortunate, but it’s a fact that in the Windows software ecosystem, bundling of unwanted software with installers has got widely accepted. So, it is not going to get over very soon. That is why, you can’t have the careless attitude while you download free games or software. You have to be a bit alert and check whether you are downloading a fake link, or if you have unchecked the added software box, etc. Being careful is the only solution here.

Hi! I am Russell Winters, a prolific blog writer and keen author of articles related to online tech support and solution for issues related to computers and mobile devices. Being associated with the reputed best pc tuneup service provider Qresolve, I have resolved thousands of tech issues for our customers from worldwide. computer support My areas of interest are PC security, endpoint security system, router support etc. You can follow me for my useful compaq laptop support articles on Ezine and other article-oriented websites.

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LCD TV Backlight Replacement

You just turned on your TV and suddenly the picture disappears just a second after it appeared, but you’re hearing the television program through the speakers. If this occurs, your LCD TV’s backlight has gone out. It is like a blown light bulb when you walk into a room, flip the switch and it suddenly blows.

And now you are wondering what to do next.

One of the most common issues responsible for LCD TV failure is backlight failure, but this is not a reason for you to replace your LCD TV. As a matter of fact, you can replace the backlight and do so affordably.

One way you can achieve LCD TV backlight replacement is to take the task on yourself or engage the services of a professional to do it for you, but there are times in which you can troubleshoot the issue on your own.


When the backlight goes, you can take on the task of replacing the inverter board if you can find the exact part. You can contact the manufacturer for this. If you cannot obtain the part, you may need to replace the entire LCD panel.

But you may notice that there may be a note on the back of your TV that says “no serviceable parts.” This doesn’t mean that it can’t be fixed. This simply means you may have difficulty finding the parts. Nevertheless, the job is usually as simple as removing the dead cathode and replacing it with a new inverter and tube. This is actually not as dangerous as opening up non-LCD TVs and trying to replace the parts.

As for what you invest in the task, it is possible for LCD TV backlight replacement to take about thirty minutes of your time and cost you as little as $20. Online outlets, school surplus, and stores selling new and/or used replacement parts are places you can buy what you need.

Take note that you may need to desolder and solder wires depending on the model of your television.


Being that the job of LCD TV backlight replacement can take less than 30 minutes of your life and cost you very little, it can be difficult considering a professional. However, not everyone is comfortable with taking their expensive LCD TV apart and desoldering, soldering, and putting in a replacement part.

A professional is able to find the part, take care of the installation, test it to make sure it is working, make it right if the TV is not working, and can offer some degree of a guarantee if the backlight fails within a certain amount of time. However, such a service does cost money and you must compare the cost of such a service to you buying a new television. If you find that buying a new television would be an option, then it would be worth you attempting the LCD TV backlight replacement on your own. If replacing the backlight on your own does not work, the amount of money you are out of is small and you can go forward with buying a new LCD TV.

Nevertheless, it may be worth attempting the replacement task on your own.

Swati is a freelancer, a work from home mom, who loves to write. She is a postgraduate in English and an MBA. She has written on practically every niche on the web. She writes articles, blogs, web pages, reports, press releases, product descriptions, eBooks, sales letters and newsletters. Visit Swati’s blog at http://swatibanerjee.wordpress.com now if you need content for your business or personal needs.

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Computer Repair Basics for Beginners


Is it possible for regular Joe’s to fix their own computer without needing to call a specialist in to do the computer repair? Yes! You can do it easy, and you can learn these techniques easy in the article I have written. You will be told exactly what you need to do and know, in order to get your PC fixed and working how you want it!

There is always the option of calling upon a company like Geek Squad, from Best Buy, if you have the extra $350 to repair your computer. Let’s also state here their idea of computer repair is not what you need at all, unless you are looking for someone to come to your home with the intention of selling you software you don’t need, instead of repairing your computer. Later I will indulge all of you reading, my experience with this company, and how it brought amusement into my world

Going through only the repairing techniques we need to know, I will not waste your time with confusing nonsense about how a computer works, or how did the computer get broken in the first place where it is in need of repair? Who cares right? What’s done is done, lets just fix the darn thing.

I will show you how to do computer repair the easiest, most simplest way possible. We care about making our current computer situation better as it exists at this exact moment, ridding it of needing repair.

The computer basics presented here and the articles that follow will be more than enough to eradicate 90% of your home PC problems, completely resolving them all so you don’t have to search the internet anymore for “computer problems” and how to fix your computer problems.

You could be thinking, as I at one time did when I knew very little about computers or repairing them, that it will be near impossible to understand these square mysterious beeping towers or how they work none the less. It is a lot easier then you might think! You just need to know the what information is important about computer repair, discarding all the unnecessary stuff that most companies say in order to confuse you so you hire them. We do not need them! We have ourselves and by gosh darn it, we have this helpful article to guide you thought basic repair.

repair steps are all the same.

Let’s repeat, computer repairing steps are all the same, no matter if it is you doing it or a computer engineer doing it. The computer engineer goes though the basic steps while repairing a computer system, the same steps we are going to go over in this article. He might know what to do in that chance of 10% when a computer is more damaged then normal, but we are not going to worry ourselves with that odd chance.

There are not hundreds of computer gurus that develop new and innovative ways to repair computers. These techniques have already been mapped out for us, and proven, so lets just utilize other peoples work and findings about computer repair, after all its free and legal!. Think of the same situation where you look up a recipe online to cook a fancy meal, it is the same idea!

Now, I have been prepping you for too long telling you why I think you can do it. You know you can do it, you just need to believe in yourself and take repair one step at a time. I cannot stress that enough. This has to be done in steps… 1) before 2). Yes it sounds obvious but be strict on yourself about his, especially while learning how to do computer repair, you will make it easy on yourself.

Usually when we fix something in life we have identify the problem.. blah blah. Skip identifying the problem! (not how you learned it in school huh?) Lets not even try to pinpoint a problem that needs repairing with our computer yet!

We are going to first do a few very easy repair basics that will solve almost all computer issues (shhh overpriced Geek Squad doesn’t want you or anyone to know this).

First Guide in Repairing your computer

1) Click the Start Menu, a button that is visible while hovering over the start menu is the “run” button. Click the run button and a small window in the bottom left of your screen comes up.

2) Type “msconfig” (with no quotation marks) in the box that is within the window.

3) Another window comes up, now go to the tab to the right called “start up”

4) Near the bottom of the window is a button called “disable all” click that button

5) Then click the “apply” button just below the “disable all” button.

6) X out of the window (close the window) and another window pops up. Click the “restart now” option.

And there you have it! You just taught yourself how to do a very easy computer repair technique which will solve a lot of your PC issues.

I’m a regular guy who has recently taken interest in learning how to blog for money online. You can see my new blog here: How To Make Money. His Google+ page is located here Google Plus Page

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The Dangers of Online PC Software Checks


If you are a regular user of the Internet, there is a fair chance that you will have seen advertisements in various sites for something like a “Free Online PC Software Check”.

Sometimes these will invite you to click on a link that will claim to be able to scan your PC’s hard disk with a view to both removing viruses and malware or sometimes in order to speed your PC up. A slight variation on the theme is sometimes seen where the advertisement offers to check just how fast your Internet connection is.

It should be noted that some of these so-called services may be legitimate but numbers of them are not and they would be highly dangerous to progress further with.

Frustrations with your PC

One of the commonest experiences around for technical computer support staff is users of technology complaining that their PC or network is running slowly.

In fact, that can easily happen and it could arise through any one of a number of causes. It is also true that in an increasingly security-conscious age, people are becoming ever more aware of the dangers of viruses etc. and are keen to try and make sure that their systems are clean.

So, the attractions of such apparently free deals on the net are obvious but the dangers rather less so.

What are the dangers?

In order to thoroughly check your PC for viruses or its performance, you need to allow a piece of software to look quite deep into its internals. As a result, as the software is going into the very deepest components of your machine, it also potentially has the opportunity to wreak havoc.

Numbers of free online checks are unfortunately simply malicious pieces of software that, under the guise of trying to help you, may well be placing viruses and other undesirable software (e.g. advertisements) into the very core of your system.

The basic solution here is very simple – don’t assign access or control of your PC to an external piece of software unless you are absolutely sure you know who it is from and what they are doing.

For example, allowing an external technical computer support specialist that you know to be from a reliable company and who you are paying for their services to run software across your system to check for problems is one thing. Giving such permissions and access to somebody on the Internet you have never heard of is quite another.

Don’t believe the label

Try to keep in mind that many crooks using such apparent free offers to gain access to your system, may well have littered their advertisement or website with impressive-looking names such as Microsoft or Apple etc.

That doesn’t mean anything and should not be interpreted as indicating that their services being provided by such household-name companies or that the organisation offering the check has been approved by them.

If you are having problems with your system, be prepared to spend a relatively modest sum of money on a professional and verifiable computer support company who will be able to offer you assistance. Don’t trust free offers on the net to do it for you because the chances are, they may be too good to be true!

Vikas Sood is an IT professional and author of this article. Server Sentry has professional IT experts to provide proactive IT Support and cloud backup Services. Get computer IT support and data recovery solutions at cost-effective price.For more info please visit the website http://www.serversentry.com.au/

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What Will Microsoft Windows 10 Mean for You?


Microsoft has just revealed a deeper look at its new futuristic operating system, Windows 10.

Attempting to gain momentum after the disappointment of Windows 8, the company is launching a new OS and returning to more familiar user friendly applications. Included are new inventive features like a souped-up start menu and multiple virtual desktops.

While no firm date has been set for its release (probably this fall) the company is promising this flagship version of its operating software will work across computers, tablets and even smartphones. Many of the same apps will work on all devices.

Among the many features of Windows 10 is a new web browser called Project Spartan. Users will be able to take notes with a stylus and easily share it with others. You can comment right on the page as you share it. The layout will be streamlined for easier reading.

A big hit in the making could be Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant, also a part of the system. If you’re a fan of Apple’s Siri you may really love Cortana.

Similar to Siri it responds to spoken commands but is also highly personalized, adjusting to your habits as you search the web and visit various sites. After a while it could make suggestions on which sites you might enjoy. It has already been available on some smartphones.

Those wishing to dive in can get upgraded to Windows 10 for, providing they already use Windows 7 or a more recent version.

Windows 10 is not all Microsoft plans to offer. The company also introduced a new device called Surface Hub. Targeted for the workplace this is a big 84 inch touch-screen computer with large features to boot, such as a stylus white board, shared web browser and video conferencing.

The tech giant is also showcasing a bit of the future with Windows Holographic, their vision for hologram computing. They created a headset called HoloLens. Wearers can view and interact with augmented reality holograms that could take place in a natural environment like an office or a kitchen. The hologram system was demonstrated as both a work/play product to be used for designing 3D objects, video chat and even playing games.

One goal for Microsoft with Windows 10 is to establish a common software foundation for PCs, tablets, smartphones and Xbox. One currently needs four distinct operating systems to run them. Some unification could allow users to shift seamlessly from a game on Xbox to a work project on a Windows PC.

Microsoft is hoping a unified platform will appeal to more software developers. Windows Phone software is rarely used and the lack of apps is said to hurt sales of the Microsoft mobile product. Just 3% of all new smartphones sold are Windows Phones. The appeal is that apps created for the phone will also be used on hundreds of millions of PCs.

While many of the company’s new product offerings may be years away, the soon to be released Windows 10 appears to be a giant step forward. The unified platform approach, across PCs, tablets, and smartphones can only boost productivity and help Microsoft fortify its role as the leader in workplace solutions.

George Rosenthal is a founder and partner with ThrottleNet Inc. ThrottleNet offers an array of technology services and products to help business owners achieve their corporate goals and accelerate business growth. These include cloud computing, custom software and mobile application development, and outsourced Managed Network Services which helps companies improve their technology uptime and IT capabilities while, at the same time, reduces costs. To learn how to accelerate your IT visit ThrottleNet online at http://www.throttlenet.com.

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Questions To Ask When Buying A Multifunction Printer


A printer which consolidates the functionality of a printer, scanner and copier and sometimes fax all in one unit is referred to as a multifunction printer. It is a very convenient unit as it solves all your office demands without occupying too much space the single units would have occupied. This kind of a copier improves workflow and reduces costs which are all good for any business. There are however important considerations to make when buying your copier. Asking yourself a few questions before the purchase will help you make the right choice considering there are many options in the market today.

1. What are your requirements?

The duties around your office will help you evaluate how relevant the multifunctional unit will be for your needs. For instance, how many scans, faxes and prints or copies do you need to make in a day around the office? How many people will have to use the device and do you need any color capabilities? When you know what is best for your needs, you definitely will have an easy time when making comparisons.

2. What is the total ownership cost?

It is not only important to choose a printer you can afford in terms of hardware, but a copier whose demands you can keep up with. They include things such as the cost of all supplies needed to have it running effectively such as ink costs. The maintenance costs should also not be overlooked when looking at the cost of ownership. You are better placed with a printer you can enjoy and accommodate for improved functionality.

3. Does it have good reviews?

The product reviews and user feedback are some of the most reliable when making a choice between many printers. They will tell you about the actual performance of the machine away from the specifications that make it look good. The experience of others can lead you to great brands and models and at the same time can warn you about the machines to keep away as a result of different issues.

4. Is it easy to use?

An easy to operate printer is the way to go for any business. It can be quite costly when it takes your employees ages to get it right with a single printer function. You also don’t want to spend unnecessary time trying to train them on how to use the printer. A good printer should have an intuitive user interface, accessible help or manual and minimal training requirements for that matter.

5. Can the printer multitask?

When you have everything in one unit, it is given that employees will need to use the unit at the same time for different functions. The question should be how possible it is for the machine to run two commands at the same time without delays or handing issues. Some units can handle a function at a time while others can handle a couple of functions at a time without risking downtime. It is among the most important questions to ask.

When faced with a need to buy a printer Singapore, you have to get your factors right to enjoy improvements and better working experiences around your place of work. There are so many printers to choose from.

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How to Fix Your Frozen Windows Cell Phone Screen


You can almost guarantee that every person you meet owns a mobile phone. With all the wonderful conveniences they offer and their budget-friendly price tags, cell phones are an up and rising commodity that many people no longer can live without! One of the most popular choices is a Windows cell phone. Although a brilliant amenity in today’s world, mobile phones can sometimes be problematic. And one of the most frequent issues associated with Windows mobile phones is frozen screens.

When your cell phone screen freezes up, it can be the most frustrating part of your day. This is because they tend to freeze up just when you need them the most; like checking your email, placing an online shopping order, or right in the middle of your corporate power-point presentation. When this happens to you, don’t panic; instead, try out a few proven-methods of fixing a frozen Windows mobile phone screen, and have your phone back in working condition within a few short minutes! These tricks might also work with tablets and e-readers as well!

How to Unfreeze a Windows Phone

Just like many other operating systems, when your Windows mobile system runs into problems, it may cause the phone’s screen to freeze and stop loading. When this happens, you will need to implement a soft reset, or hard reset, depending on the responsiveness of your device. A soft reset will simply unfreeze a cell phone, while a hard reset will do the same, plus restore it back to factory settings.

Here is How to Implement a “SOFT RESET” for a Windows Phone:

1. Plug the phone into the charger and allow it to charge for five minutes

2. Press down the power button to turn off the phone

3. Select “power off” to finish the reset process

4. If the phone does not respond, remove the battery

5. Wait 5 Minutes

6. Return the battery to the battery compartment

7. Press the power button

8. The phone should turn on

Here is How to Implement a “HARD RESET” for a Windows Phone:

1. Begin on the Windows start menu, if you can

2. Slide the phone screen to the left

3. Go to “Settings” and Select “About”

4. Select “Reset Phone”

5. Select “Yes” to confirm your selection

6. The phone should reset to factory status

Keep in mind that a hard reset of your Windows mobile phone will erase all of your saved data and contact information. Only perform a hard reset if you truly require it. Consult a professional cell phone repair service for accurate advice and suggestions regarding a hard reset of Windows phones, smartphones, and other electronic devices. If you attempt a soft reset, and your mobile device is still not operational, also contact a professional cell phone repair service for assistance. They can repair your device at an affordable price.

Call The Cell phone Medic at 317-883-8030 for professional cell phone repair services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Visit their website at http://www.cellphonerepairindiana.com for details about their services and company credentials. They offer a wide range of cell phone and electronic repair, and will recycle your old mobile device or laptop. Call 317-883-8030 to learn more about cell phone repair in Indianapolis, IN today.

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