Cellphone Repair Service Center Locations in (or for) Caracas, Venezuela

Iphone support options:

  • For Apple Iphone Support Options see this website here and International technical support numbers please see this page here.


Samsung smartphone support options:

  • For USA Samsung cell phone pupport options please see this webpage here and for International Samsung web support see this list here and select your country.
  • Samsung contactar el 1-800-726-7864
  • 1 INGENIERIA INUSUAL, C.A Av. Casanova c/c Villaflor, Torre Banco Plaza, Piso 9, Oficinas A y B. Caracas. (P) 0212-7612150 / 7611154 ext. 117
  • 2 GLOBAL FIX, C.A. Av. Choroní, Qta. Pucha, N° 112, Urb. Chuao (P) 0212-9915636
  • 3 INVERSIONES ECONOTEL C.A. Calle El Recreo, Edif. Los Aleros B, Piso PB, Local 3, Sabana Grande (P) 0416-7190088 / 0212-7620947


Nokia Cell Phone Support Options:

  • For Nokia internalional support options please see this list of countries here, select your location and then click on support.


General repair stores for cell phones in Caracas:

  • Digital CCCT
    Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco, CCCT, PB, local 43-B. CCCT - Chuao
    Caracas - Dependencias Federales (1061)
    Tel. 02129594916